Thursday, August 12, 2010

Charly things

Oh Charly Bird...
I think it's time for another "those things you do" update. I feel like I could do one these every week because you are picking up new words and tricks by the minute lately. Here are just some of those cute things that make me smile everyday: When asked to smile you wrinkle your nose up and show all of your teeth... you do something similar when asked to wink ; ) You walk on your tiptoes all the time and have the calf muscles to prove it! Dress up has taken over as a favorite past time... yesterday morning before I even changed your diaper you had on a tutu and pearl necklace. After weeks of stomping around the house in my heels I got you a four pack of Disney Princess heels... coming from a Mama who wasn't even going to dress you in a bunch of pink this boggles my mind : ) You have your own agenda and it is pretty pink! On the days that I do my make-up you insist I do yours too, or at least pretend to! The face you make while I brush the empty blush brush across your cheeks says "I'm so pretty". You really like pocket change and try to "money"... but it sounds a lot like Mama : ) Your version of juice is jusss, shoe are shusss, bath is baff, book is buuff and pillow is poopa. You are still my little cuddle bug and give the best hugs and kisses EVER. You are sunshine Baby... you light up everything!
Love you,


Ximena said...

Isn't motherhood the best!? They grow up so fast. I cried when I read this post. But I am semi- emotional. :) I absolutely love this picture of you guys. And you're right. She sure is sunshine. I love you Char Char!

g said...

you two sure brighten up days. G