Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Birdie

18 months old... wow, Baby! You are getting to be such a big girl. We had a well baby check this morning and you are just perfect... thanks Doc... already knew : ) Out of 100 kids your age you are taller than 75 and weigh more than 3 of them. We joke that we are going to start feeding you sticks of butter... haha. You really are a great little eater though. Some of your favorites include hot dogs, bananas and popsicles. It seems like you're learning a word a minute and it is so fun to hear all of the new things you come up with. You call Lily "Lil-lah" and Cowboy is "Ta-Ta". You love when we blow bubbles and ask for them if you see the bottle... "buh-buh". You're also good at saying water and cracker. You have been off the boob for a whole week and I am so impressed with how easily it went. You have a very good understanding of what you are told so I just told you that it was "all gone"... you are such a big girl you drank it all and wow, good job : ) You run everywhere and love to be outside. Your little knees are always scratched and you like it when I put Neosporin on them. You also like to wear sunscreen and shades... little smartie! The swimming pool is a new favorite place. You bounce all around the pool and dip your face in to blow bubbles. You bring so much happiness to your family and we feel blessed to have you. Happy half birthday little sweetie!
All my love,


Juliann said...

Happy Happy Birthday! She is such a doll!

g said...

my daughter's daughter in the water, imagine that love G