Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wordy Birdie

Charlotte chatters all day everyday. She has even taken to singing in the car : ) It is so amazing to hear all of her new and different sounds and combinations of noises. She still makes a creaky door sound by sucking air in thought and now she likes to flop her tongue from side to side "la-la-la-la". When she sees an elephant (toys and books) she puts her lips together and kinda just spits through them trying to imitate the sound I make for elephants. Her vocabulary is steadily building too. She still looooves to say DaDa and sometimes even uses it in a way that suggests "what's that?" when she's not using it to shower her Daddy with love. Every time she says Mama my heart melts just a little... which basically means I am just a big melty pile of goo. She turns my Dad into goo when she calls him Dun-Tah and seems to be playing with some version of Gramma too. Duh-g means dog. Diah-puh is diaper. She says hat very clearly and wears a little ball cap all day long. She also says Ry and Laila when prompted. Yeah is a big one and she answers questions with a nod or shake of the head. I am so happy that we have done baby sign with her and will continue to do so even though she is becoming more vocal. She signs "please" when she really wants something and sometimes chases Cowboy around the house signing "please. please.please." So sweet! Typically when Charlotte finishes dinner and wants to get out of her highchair she signs "all done" but tonight when we asked her if she was all done she repeated "ah-duh".... amazing! It's the first two word combination that I've heard!

I am lucky to have certain mama powers that allow me understand her jibber jabber but it is really something special to hear those little sounds and tones turn into recognizable words. I am so proud of my little chatter box and excited to hear what she comes up with next.

Love you Baby Bird,

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g said...

we love you girl! Duntah