Friday, May 21, 2010

Parkin' It

Our favorite way to spend time is playing together and now that the weather is nice parks are usually where you can find us. Follow me Dada!

Nature babe chasing her shadow and being shadowed by Mama.

hmmm... I would have thought this wonderful dirt would have tasted better that!
Sweet, cold little face on a morning trip to our neighborhood park.

Who is having more fun here? (look up in the castle)
Up & Over.

Swing break to cheese with Mama.

Lovin' on Lottie.


This was priceless. She looooved being upside down and kept leaning back as far as she could while sqeezing her happy little eyes shut.

View from the bottom.

View from the top.

Thanks for all the fun Charlotte.
I will always catch you!!


Juliann said...

I love the picture of you and Charlotte on the swing. You look so pretty!!! I LOVE Parks!

g said...

the diamonds are not just on Charlotte's shoes. Her parents are real gems too. Love G

Gretchen said...

Parks are such a lifesaver. We are definitely at a park every day! I love your pictures. Charlotte is so adorable!