Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Bliss

I just turned 26 on the 28th and it really feels good! I am in a really great place and am thrilled to be living my dream with my sweet little family. Jake took the day off of work and we headed for the hills : )

It is so rad to enjoy winter sports together! My love for snowboarding has been put on the back burner but combining my passion of hanging with my family with fun on the snow is unbeatable.

Charlotte loved it! She smiled on the chairlift rides and giggled and talked to her Da all the way down.

She even snuck in some beauty sleep.

My dad met us up there for lunch and a couple of runs and it was just icing on my birthday cake! Today Charlotte pointed right at him and said "Dun-Tah".... (positively her version of Grandpa) It was soooo sweet!!

Here is a picture from her first trip last year... she was just 3 months old : )

We are looking forward to many more family ski days!
I checked out the resort day care and feel really comfortable with it. They offer hourly rates which will be just perfect for a couple of runs for Mama : )


g said...

you lucky duckys...i am so glad i got to hang out with a very special family. thanks dun-tah

Agnes Puget said...

Looks like the perfect birthday! It will be even more fun when Charlotte can be a mouse and you can watch!

I am excited I got a nickname too! Ra-Ra works! :)

Wow, every sentence ended with an exclamation point. I need to set the coffee down.

Juliann said...

Happy Birthday! You are the sweetest and most adorable Mom! I'm proud of you and your family. You look like a young and beautiful 26 year old! Congrats!