Friday, January 22, 2010

Dearest Everyone,
I can't even begin to explain how lucky I am. . . In the past going on thirteen months and beyond I have been so lucky. Some say that luck happens, I think luck is given to those that have earned such, and I am fortunate enough to say I am one of those lucky few. I have been blessed with a beautiful family, a wife that loves me unconditionally, and a daughter that nows nothing other than complete love and devotion. I want all to know how THANKFUL I am to have the life that I live. Everyday I come home to my amazing wife, our precious daugter, and the dogs that make us walk 2/3 more that anyone that doesn't have a fur-baby. In the last few months I have seen my daughter turn 1, our house become a home, and become overjoyed with a new found passion to EMBRACE it all. I am so fortunate to have the woman of my dreams to call my wife, the perfect angel I call Charlotte, and live my life everyday as if it were the first. The future is always a blur. . . I live my life a day at a time. With the people I have to call my family, that day can never be predicted. I couldn't think of anything in the whole world that I would want more.
Life isn't supposed to be planned. . .


Thank you to all that make my life, everyday, beautiful.

Forget Me Nots

I have kept a very cute calendar of pictures, doodles and dates of Charlotte's first year of milestones. This is something I will surly cherish forever and I wanted to post those dates here as a sort of back up since they are so important to me : ) December 30th, 2008 Charlotte arrives!!
January 15th, 2009 Charlotte comes home : )
January 19th, 2009 Well Baby Check: 5.3 pounds 19.3 inches
January 28th, 2009 Mommy's Birthday
February 2nd, 2009 Well Baby Check: 6.3 pounds 20.5 inches
February 3rd, 2009 Professional Pictures in the nursery
February 14th, 2009 First Valentine's Day
February 21st, 2009 Daddy's Birthday
First week of March 2009 You control you own head!
March 11th, 2009 First Smile ; D
March 13th, 2009 Well Baby Check 9.8 pounds 22.3 inches
March 15th, 2009 Rolls over!!
April 1st, 2009 We brought you to a movie theater
April 3rd, 2009 Well Baby Check 11.2 pounds 23 inches
April 22nd, 2009 First LaUgH!
May 10th, 2009 Mother's Day
May 29th, 2009 Well Baby Check 13.8lbs 25.5 inches
June 21st, 2009 Father's Day
July 2nd, 2009 First food
July 12th, 2009 Sits up!
July 21st, 2009 First tooth
July 24th, 2009 Giving kisses
July 29th, 2009 First concert & starting to inchworm : )
First week of August 2009 ARMY CRAWL
August 28th, 2009 Well Baby Check 16.6 pounds 27.5 inches
September 3rd, 2009 Pulled up onto couch
Second week of September 2009 BIG GIRL CRAWL!!
September 20th, 2009 Repeated "Hi!"
Last week of September 2008 Waving at Everyone
Middle of October 2009 Clapping. YaY!
October 29th, 2009 "Mama" *tear*
First week of November Dadadada but you like to call him "Mama" too : )
November 30th, 2009 Standing!!
First week of December Pointing at Everything : )
December 7th, 2009 Played in Snow
December 17th, 2009 FIRST STEPS!!!
December 30th, 2009 First Birthday, Doctor's appointment and first ear infection : ( 18.3 pounds 29.5 in 2009 was an amazing year filled with lots of love and lots of firsts : ) Looking forward to everyday of 2010 with my wonderful little family!!