Friday, December 4, 2009


Jake and I tried our new and improved night night routine with Charlotte tonight. After dinner and a bath we went upstairs for some quiet time in her room. She gabbed, crawled, stood, played with soft toys and read Goodnight Moon about five times and when we noticed her sleepy signals Dadu held her tight and rocked her to sleep. I sat in awe... my eyes filled with tears but not because I was sad.. the moment with the two of them like that just overwhelmed me and I knew I wanted to remember it FOREVER. I quietly grabbed my phone and captured just 15 sweet seconds of my favorite time of the day. Our wonderful little Charly will be a year old at the end of the month and I truly cannot believe it! This year has been the most fulfilled but the fastest of my life. I get emotional thinking about how fast she is growing but I know that with every new day she'll show me how amazing she is and I'll just keep falling more and more in love with her (as if that even seems possible). I cherish you Baby Charlotte... and you too Jake : )


The Johnson Family said...

I just cannot believe how fast time goes when you're watching everyday of another person's life (especially when it's one you created)! I have enjoyed watching Charlotte grow up in the pictures you capture! And look forward to more! :)

Auntie Celeste said...

Le Bonheur (Translation="Happiness")

You are both such fantastic parents, Charlotte could not be a luckier girl.

Love You!
Auntie Celeste