Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday Birdie

Thank you so much for being you and for being mine : ) You are an amazing little person and I am honored to be your Mommy. At ONE year you are: walking like a rock star, talking... words we have heard from your precious lips include Mama (my fav!), Da, Ry Ry, Ya Ya, Hi, Up and Ba-Boo (while playing a fierce game of peek-a-boo). You also talk with your hands.. some signs you know are more, eat, doggie, up, boob, all-done and bath. I am sure there are more that I have not yet de-coded also : ) You have a curious personality and point to things you want an explanation for. Your facial expressions seem limitless and you are able to get any point across with a simple look. You weigh in at at a whopping 18 pounds. You nap like a big girl in crib but prefer to be in our bed at night (I secretly prefer it too but we are working on a change). You like books and music and bust out the cutest little bootie bounce when the beat catches you just right. To offer you a binky is to truly insult you so we've packed em up. I appreciate that you are an adventurous eater. Some of your favorite foods are black beans, quinoa, Cheerios and blueberries. You still nurse and I hope that you will for the next 6 months but you are the boss so we'll see how much longer you choose to "boob". You love bath time and climbing the stairs. You are a pretty tough little lady and rough house with Daddy often. You are good to your doggies and pet them softly when you catch them. You have always enjoyed the outdoors and you get excited whenever we open the front door. Thank goodness you cuddle! Nobody can make you laugh like your Daddy can and your giggle is infectious. YOU. ARE. FUNNY! You make strangers smile everywhere we go : ) You are determined and strong willed and BEAUTIFUL... sooo beautiful! Charly, you are special and truly amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!


you are my world : )



Grandmama said...

Sweet Charlotte,
This year has brought me a renewed love for family. I love your
stink eye, nobody is going to mess with you
how you can tease, this shows great character
your affection, it warms my heart
your communication skills, you are a very bright little being
how you always look for my jewelry and handle it with care
But most of all, the love and happiness you have brought to Dadu and Mama
I love you Charly Bird

Agnes Puget said...

That is such a cute photo of Charlotte! She's developing some pretty eyelashes on those peepers! Her facial expressions are my favorite. She is quite entertaining. You and Jake are great parents! Congrats on your first year parenting.