Friday, October 30, 2009

Top Ten

Charlotte is 10 months old today. (WoW!!) In honor of her tenth month I decided to write down 10 great things Charlotte does that make me smile. Almost everything she does makes me smile but I will limit myself to 10... this time ; )

#10. Waves at almost everybody she sees.
#9. Smiles everytime she sees a camera.
#8. Tries to grab water when I pour it for her during bathtime.
#7. Climbs the headboard.
#6. Plays nice with her doggies.
#5. Sucks air in and makes a noise that sounds like a creaky door.
#4. Opens her mouth to catch the wind when it blows in her face.
#3. Wakes up every morning happy.
#2. Cuddles!
# 1.Loves her Mama and Dadu.

~~~After I posted this Charlotte gave me the ultimate #1 great thing to smile about! She looked me right in the eyes, toddled toward me (hanging onto the couch) and said "mom-mom-mom-mom-mom" :* ) Truly the sweetest words I have EVER heard!~~~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloweens Past

I looove Halloween and am so excited for Charlotte's first.
Last year we threw a costume party/baby shower on Halloween that was a great time! Jake and I dressed up as Juno and Bleeker : )

We tried to incorporate Baby Charlotte in any way that we could : )

This is a couple of years earlier in Missoula...

Dr. Suess's Thing 1

and Thing 2

I am still working on this year's costumes but here's a hint:

It's going to be WILD!

Friday, October 16, 2009

We told Charlotte the good news...

And she is EXCITED! So excited that we thought a new onesie and a photoshoot were in order : ) Auntie Celeste is coming home!!
The onesie was the easy part... the photoshoot on the other hand...

not so easy.

Charlotte is a very busy little girl and nothing is going to slow her down.

Not even Mama saying "pretty please Charly... look here!"

But she sure is cute!

And I actually managed to get said onesie into a picture : )

We love you Celeste and are sooo happy that you will be home soon!

Breaking News: I just heard that my cousin Ando and his family are relocating to Boise too! They have two young sons, one of which is only 2 weeks age difference from Charlotte. I am sooo looking forward to the little cousin posse: Laila, Mate, Charlotte, Timo and Eisley... let the wild rumpus start!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charlotte says...

Charlotte has really started to Dadadada, Mamamama, gagagaga, bababaa... ect : ) It is so fun to hear all of her new noises! We have also started signing with her and she has mastered "more" and "boob"... Too funny : ) We've got one smart lil' cookie on our hands!