Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tales from the Crib

After almost 9 blissful but crowded months of co-sleeping I have decided to start Charlotte's transition to the crib. She is doing pretty well so far! I nurse her to sleep in the rocker in her nursery and then try to sneeeeek her into the crib... the visual on this has got to be hilarious: all 5'2 of me cradles the baby and tip toes across the creaky wood floors to her crib where I then lift her over the front of the crib and fold myself myself in half while trying to rest her on the mattress. The next step is to slip my arm from underneath her head, kiss her cheek, cross my fingers, hold my breath and tiptoe out the door. She sleeps her first little stint very well in the crib and when she wakes up in the the middle of the night I kinda mummy-walk to her room and then bring her back to bed with me... funny enough, that's the only part I want to change (for now). My goal is to get her to sleep all night in her own room... the first couple of nights I may be in there too, sleeping on those creaky wood floors : )

Edit note: It went great!! Charlotte slept in her crib all night and only woke up twice. At 6:30am we went to the big comfy bed together and slept in until 8am. That's a happy Sunday!


K said...

Way to go Charly! She'll get use to it. Carter didn't like his crib at first, but now he won't sleep anywhere else. Thanks for the diaper advice!

g said...

Love Charlotte's smile,( maybe she is thinking)" mom I'm doing just fine. G

Agnes Puget said...

Clever title!

I really love the first photo, and I like the difference of emotions captured between the first and second photos. The perils of being locked up!

"Locked up, they won't let me out"

Ximena said...

You really need a second job as a title namer. If that is even a job title. Tales from the crib, hahaha love it!