Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barbie's Dream House

I was never big on Barbie growing up but who doesn't love a dream house?! : )

Jake and I are having a home built and are so excited! this home gives us space to grow as a family and it is in a beautiful community with a nice park, sidewalk system, playground and even pool! I will upload more pictures soon. It has been fun to watch the evolution of the property. Sooo many changes every week! Our home will be finished by November 2nd and we'll be in no later than the 18th. It will be wonderful to celebrate Charly's first Christmas and first birthday in our new home!

edit: We drove by last night and saw this!! The siding is up, (still needs to be painted) plumbing and electrical done and it there are stacks of drywall just waiting to be put in place : ) Wa-hoooie!


hilla said...

WEEeeeeeHOOoooooo!!! It will be adorable! Congrats!

Agnes Puget said...

Just awesome! I am happy for you three! Post more photos---I love looking at houses. :) If you need help moving let us know.

Ximena said...

Funny- you mention Barbies dream home. Because Laila got her first Barbie today. Barbie's Doggie Park. It is freakin rad. Trust me- even you will love it and want to play with it. :)

I am so excited for your new home. It is already so beautiful. Put the perfect family in there and it makes it even better. I love you guys! And cannot wait to lounge in your loft on the Love Sacs and swim all Summer long! Just kick us out when you get sick of us. :) I am speaking on behalf of Andrew and Dori too. MUAH!!!!!!!! Love your faces!