Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barbie's Dream House

I was never big on Barbie growing up but who doesn't love a dream house?! : )

Jake and I are having a home built and are so excited! this home gives us space to grow as a family and it is in a beautiful community with a nice park, sidewalk system, playground and even pool! I will upload more pictures soon. It has been fun to watch the evolution of the property. Sooo many changes every week! Our home will be finished by November 2nd and we'll be in no later than the 18th. It will be wonderful to celebrate Charly's first Christmas and first birthday in our new home!

edit: We drove by last night and saw this!! The siding is up, (still needs to be painted) plumbing and electrical done and it there are stacks of drywall just waiting to be put in place : ) Wa-hoooie!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tales from the Crib

After almost 9 blissful but crowded months of co-sleeping I have decided to start Charlotte's transition to the crib. She is doing pretty well so far! I nurse her to sleep in the rocker in her nursery and then try to sneeeeek her into the crib... the visual on this has got to be hilarious: all 5'2 of me cradles the baby and tip toes across the creaky wood floors to her crib where I then lift her over the front of the crib and fold myself myself in half while trying to rest her on the mattress. The next step is to slip my arm from underneath her head, kiss her cheek, cross my fingers, hold my breath and tiptoe out the door. She sleeps her first little stint very well in the crib and when she wakes up in the the middle of the night I kinda mummy-walk to her room and then bring her back to bed with me... funny enough, that's the only part I want to change (for now). My goal is to get her to sleep all night in her own room... the first couple of nights I may be in there too, sleeping on those creaky wood floors : )

Edit note: It went great!! Charlotte slept in her crib all night and only woke up twice. At 6:30am we went to the big comfy bed together and slept in until 8am. That's a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Puffs n' Sniffs

Charlotte's new favorite food is Puffs. She likes them so much that she has almost completely snubbed her mushy mama-made foods. "Organic Puffs" (the brand name) are like little Cheerios that melt in your mouth. A great first finger food because I don't have to worry about the little piggy choking on them.
At first she had a hard time convincing the Puffs to get into her mouth... instead they would be half melted stuck to a cheek, balled up in her slobbery little fist or on the floor below her high chair. After about a week of diligent practice I am proud to announce that she is now the Puff Master... popping in Puff after Puff : )

On a sadder note: Charly has her first cold : ( Her little nose runs like a faucet, she has a strangely adorable cough and is running a fever. I told Jake that because of the never-ending stream of boogs she reminds me of the green slime monster from GhostBusters : ) To top it all off two more teeth have decided to make they're debut. Despite it all Charlotte is as sweet as ever... a little more clingy and whiny (ok, a lot more!) but still so sweet.
Feel better soon Baby Bird!
I love you,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today Charly is wearing a 100% Mama-made out fit : )The dress is made from an old tee-shirt and I used some stash fabric to make the pretty lil' appliques.

I made these cloth rings using from some of the same fabric.

Her leggings/baby legs are from a pair of women's knee-highs that I scored on a clearance rack and took the scissors to.

I love making things for this special little Babe and it warms my heart to see her use the things I make for her! I promised myself that her quilt will be done by her 1st birthday... I've had the fabric since she was a little bump in my belly : )