Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swimmer Girl

We recently took infant/parent lessons at the Downtown Y. I think it is super important for kiddies to be comfortable in the water and you can't start too em' young : ) Charly has always loved bathtime so we kinda thought she would dig it!
We were right!
She kicked her little legs...

Made some baby friends..


And sunk : )

Here is a little video clip of some of the action.

She has her ways of telling me she's done swimming and ready to eat : )

One last dunk and we're headed home for a good night's sleep!


Anonymous said...

Rain or shine, water or ice, my girls can do it all. I awake everyday with a smile on my face knowing I get to spend it with Tara and Charlotte. Love Dadu

Auntie Celeste said...

Charlotte Girl! dun dun dun da!! (that is supposed to be a supergirl song) she really can do it all. Love you, miss you, Auntie Celeste

g said...

a little mermaid spending time with her parents, that is the way, keep on bonding, keep on keeping on. G

Grandmama said...

Wow, Good Job Dadu,Mama, and Charly Bird. She really was kicking her feet big time, and maybe flirting just a bit w/ the baby boy. Thank you for sharing Lil T, it always brightens my day being able to visit the blog for the next adventure in the lives of JB3,Mama T, and the ever amazing Charlotte.
love you all