Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing with Food

Charlotte had her first taste of real food this morning.
Here is how it all went down:Hmm, this spoon seems innocent enough...

What did you put on it?

You ruined my new spoon!!

Here Dadu... forget the spoon, I got this.

Ohhh... this is kinda fun : )

Ok, so that's what this is for... flinging!

Breakfast may be my new favorite game.. all but the eating part.
All this playing really worked up my appetite... where's that boob? : )


Anonymous said...

One taste down, so many to go.

hilla said...

Oh first foods... so fun! You need my contraption now. Let me know when you will be at zumba next and I will bring it. or come to my house and get it. Or I can bring it to your house. Or your mom's house. Or we could do lunch. Hahahahaha. I just want to hold your baby again. (and of course see you too.)