Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We have decided it is time to start sleep training with Charly. I know like many things that everyone has their own method/opinion that works for them. We decided that the no-cry/least-cry method is right for us. Basically the plan is to put Charlotte down so she learns to fall to sleep independently and if or when she cries we go to her, meet her need and once she is calm again leave the room. I totally recognise that this may take longer than the cry-it-out methods but I am blessed with the time to spend with her and very willing to work with her while she masters the art of falling to sleep. Today at nap time I recognised her ques and decided it was a great opportunity to try out the plan : ) (Normally she would just fall to sleep nursing and sleep in my arms... again, I am so very blessed.) After making sure her belly was full and her diaper was clean I laid her down, kissed her little temple and told her it was nap time. I left the room to let her wind down but instead she wound up! I could hear her chattering in the room and eventually her chatters turned into cries. Stuck to plan and went in to console her... she laughed at me! Ok.... so she's happy. I leave the room again and she starts crying right away.. turn around to tell her everything is okay and she laughs again!! This went on time and time again and while I know it shouldn't be funny... it was funny! I just imagined her thinking... "sucker" every time I came back. After about an hour of creating tread marks in the carpet from the back room to the front my funny little girl was asleep. I took this video with the flash off so as not to disrupt her nap time time mojo so it's not the best quality but at least I can share with you a bit of our afternoon play.


Anonymous said...

Funny baby!

Noni said...

Just like her Mama : )

Ximena said...

Love it! She will catch on in no time. Love that lil bird. Good luck on your sleep training baby girl. I wish someone would sleep train me. :)