Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rocky Raccoon

So yesterday was just another Wednesday until I went on my noon walk across the street from the shop. We ran into this little guy, all by himself curled into a little ball with Momma no where to be found. I called Fish and Game and after speaking with them for awhile realized that neither they, or the Humane Society would do anything for this little guy because he was considered a varmint. Well I hurried to the shop and found a number for a rescue shelter. They said to get a box and capture the little guy, and they would come buy and take care of him. The woman, Madie, said that the mother must have been trapped or worse, because raccoon Mommy's don't leave their babies for the first year. She had me make sure that there weren't any other babies around and helped coach me through getting the little guy all scooped up. I went back with fervor, and not that well equipped. The first round definitely went to Harry, as we came to call him. I thought that he was going to be all docile and cutesy, not at all. . . This little guy was full of energy. I tried to coax him the first time and even got hold of him, but about the time he started growling and turning his head back towards my hands, I let him go. He scurried into nearby bushes and I went back to the shop. I let him cool off for about an hour, figured he would go back to sleep. Time for round two, this time much more prepared; Welding gloves so he couldn't bite, a towel, and a good sized cardboard box. Matt from the shop helped me the second go around. We went back to the same spot and I found him curled into a little ball again, looking innocent and cutesy again. I told Matt not to let his size and cuteness fool, he's a feisty one. After a well thought out plan we went in for it, and success, Harry was in the box, mellow and ready to be taken to the shelter.

Needless to say, I'm a Dad now, and to think that this poor little guy was out in the middle of nowhere, without his Momma, made me sick to my stomach. I guess I've always known deep down inside that I'm more a lover than fighter, and this was just another reminder.

Take Care Harry,


Tara said...

You are the sweetest man on the planet! I laughed picturing "round one"! Love you Tender Heart ; )

unicornjuggalo said...

raccoons are freakin scary! They will bite your face off if given the chance

Agnes Puget said...

This brings the LOLz.

Good work rescue ranger! I am glad you came out of this with all your fingers intact... good call on the welding gloves.

Auntie Celeste said...

You really are way down deep-like truly a wonderful man. Harry was lucky to find you and I am lucky everyday to call you a brother..

Love You!