Monday, June 29, 2009

Nerd Alert

Our little family has started "geocaching".
It may sound kinda dorky but we have been having so much fun!Geocashing is an outdoor treasure hunting game. There are "caches" all over Boise.. all over the world actually... you load their quadrants into your GPS and off you go for a big game of hide and seek. Here is a shot of Charlotte and I with our first find. Inside there are cheap little trinkets like kids toys or squirt guns, tennis balls and dog treats and sometimes even handmade jewelery! The fun is really in finding it but if you want you can take a trinket and leave something different for the next seeker.
It is a great way to find cool trails in the Boise foothills.

And hopefully will prove to be helpful in losing some post-preggy pounds : )

It is something we can do as a family.

And with friends.

It's great exercise for our pups too!

And it's free : )

I can only imagine how much fun it will be when Charlotte is old enough to retrieve the hidden bootie (and I assume she'll prefer pirate-talk.. yarrrg) . I stole most of these pics from our friends Brian and Rachel who introduced us to the world of geocaching. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

cachers unite!!

unicornjuggalo said...

its been fun....and nerdy

Gretchen said...

How fun. I bet my hubby would love that! We'll have to try it.

Agnes Puget said...

I never imagined that it could be as fun as it is. I am glad that you folks love it!

hilla said...

That looks awesome! Guess I need a GPS first though, huh? Love that you are the one carrying Charly! You tough mama!