Monday, June 15, 2009

iOwA... a plaaace to stay...

Get your booty on the floor tonight... make my day. Steph just finished her first year of grad school (woot-woot!) and was home for a couple of weeks for a mini summer break. We talk everyday regardless but it was so fantastic to get to hang with her in person!!She and Charlotte spent some quality Auntie-time together. I took this shot at Cafe O'le (an old fav) while Steph was entertaining the babe so I could finish eating.
*An African safari in a Mexican restaurant* : )

My one off the wall pregnancy craving was lemon... I ate them constantly!

My family is notorious for giving babies tastes of lemon to see their sour-puss faces and I remember joking when I was pregnant that Charlotte would come out loving them... no joke... she does love them! No sour-puss or anything : *

It was sooo great to see you Stephy! Missin' you already... even though we just hung-up : )

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Ximena said...

So cute! Glad your besty could come hang with you for a while. Nothing like girlfriends. :) And that pic of Charly with the lemon- love it. She is so beautiful Tara. I love her! Need to see her ASAP. Go to the game Friday. :) MUAH MUAH MUAH- oh and sorry about the phone tag- i had a question but Daniel answered it for me. I was wondering how preterm you were. But good 'ol Dan the Man knew- of course. Love that kid. :)