Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dadu's Day Picnic Pics

Yes, they had matching shirts : ) Hers: a onesie with a tricycle that says "Hardcore Baby"
His: (not a onesie) with a motorcycle that says "Hardcore Daddy"
I found them on diaperdude.com

Their sweet smiles make me so happy!

Such a pretty profile!!

Nap time on Mama after some serious swinging.

We had a Father's Day Picnic in the park on Sunday and luckily my very beautiful and talented cuz Ximena was there... luckier still... I managed to get my camera into her hands!! The woman has skills! Thanks again for the beautiful pictures!
I took the ones on the swing : )


Ximena said...

Oh T- you and your daddio are too nice to think that I am way talented. Really- I am not. The pictures you took are beautiful. Its hard not to take a good picture when the subjects are fabulous themselves. I love you guys! So good to see you. And that would be awesome if Jake's outfit was a onesie too. I can picture him snapping it up. hahhaha.

Agnes Puget said...

Cute Charlotte photos!

The Wilkins said...

Tara I cannot how grown up she is getting and more and more beautiful everyday. Those are seriously awsome matching shirts, and super jealous of the beanie, Karter's head is too big for his and it is not the season. Love you all!!!

hilla said...

Love their matching shirts! She is so gorgeous!

Gretchen said...

Cute shirts! Charlotte is seriously SO beautiful. I love those pictures.