Tuesday, June 30, 2009

6 Months!!

Babycakes is 6 months old today!!

And has discovered the thrill of extreme swinging : )

Happy Half Year Sweet Baby Girl!
I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Extreme Swinging, Extreme Singing, Extreme Tongue sticking out, pretty much she takes everything she does to the EXTREME! I wonder where she gets that from? I am so blessed everyday to call Charlotte my daughter. I can only imagine what we have in store. . .

g said...

happy birthday Charlotte! The extreme part does not surprise G. This is a girl who has already hit the slopes at Bogus. G

Agnes Puget said...

Congratulations, Charlotte, on surviving your weird parents this long!

Just kidding. ;)

You're a cute little birdie. And you know if the Captain likes you even though he is very afraid of babies, then that must mean you are something special to everyone!