Friday, June 5, 2009

the Nest

Every month on the 30th-ish : ) I set this little nest up in the nursey and take a bunch of pictures of Charlotte in it. It is such a fun size reference and I always like to imagine how the pictures will change throughout the year. Itty bitty baby all curled up, these 5 month pics where she is playing with the eggs... I figure by a year she'll be dragging the nest behid her : ) My plan is to print out a favorite from each month and eventually frame them within the very nest she poses in. My sweet baby birdie is growing so fast!
It is a wreath that I found at Michaels with a cozy brown blankie underneth...

This month I put her Boppy pillow under the blankie to help prop her up.

She makes it soo hard to pick just one favorite : )


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to watch Charly grow. Being with her everyday you don't notice what a big girl she is until you go back and look at the pictures. What a beautiful baby girl we have.

Heather said...

Hi there,

Just stared pushing next blog to see who else it out there that I've never read before...found you!

Just thought I'd comment since we have a little one too, he's 10 months and we are doing something a bit similar to you with the photos. He was born July 30th of last year and we take his picture every 30th (or so...sometimes I am a bad mommy!) in a 12 month onsie. We use the same bright orange onsie every month. At first we thought he'd outgrow it way too fast as he got really wide in it, but then he started slimming down and now his length may out grow it! We only have two more months to go. People can't believe its the same one, but it really gives an idea of how he has changed month by month. Don't they grow so fast! I love, love, love your idea with the nest.

My husband is a musician so thought the post about being on the road was interesting. He's in a very different field...polka music, but will be on the road promoting his new kids album this summer for a week. It is hard when he's gone, but I'm grateful that he doesn't travel too much and when he does it is for short trips.

Long enough comment? I guess that is why I stated to blog :)

Ximena said...

Love the girl and love the nest. Its so great! She is getting SO big already!

Grandmama said...

Sweet baby Charlotte, oh how you glow with love. Words are not enough to express how you have blessed so many lives.
Love you Charly bird
Love you Dadu & Mama Bird

Papa & Grandmama

Gretchen said...

I can't believe Charlotte's 5 months old already!! She just keeps getting cuter. I hope I get to meet her someday.

Agnes Puget said...

I like the bird nest idea. I think we should have done that or something similar for Henry.

hilla said...

I love this idea! It will be awesome to go through all of these one day! She is such a pretty lil thing.