Saturday, April 18, 2009


A Tail of Many Tails
Cowboy Cash: (Mini-Weiner-Shit) A glorious mix of miniature pincher, weiner dog and shitzu. Jake got him for me almost 3 years ago and he is my fur baby! He looks like Rod Stewart when his hair is done and like Splinter (The rat-master of The Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles) when he is wet. He keeps up with the big dogs, loves Twizzlers and cuddling and is great with Baby Charlotte.
Lily: (Black Lab) She loves Jake, tennis balls and food; everything else she seems fairly indifferent about. I think Charlotte will be added to the list of things she loves once Charlotte is covered with food and can throw tennis balls : )

Kobe: (Akita) a.k.a Kob-e-Nader, Nader, Ralphie, Budders. We are dogsitting Kobe while his Dad Andrew is working out on the road. He likes ground beef, the dog park and hangin' out under the coffee table. He is a gentle giant and enjoys watching Charlotte when she is in her swing... tender!


Ximena said...

Those are the cutest pics of the doggies. :)

hilla said...

We need a dog. But first we need a decent fence. Cuties- all of them.

hilla said...

ps- I think I'm partial to lil Cowboy. :)