Thursday, April 2, 2009

We are THOSE people

Last night Jake and I brought 13 week old Charlotte to the movie theater. I am sure all the other movie-goers cringed at the sight of the car seat but much to their surprise she didn't make a peep! She is such a dream baby!
Here is why I call us those people:
*The fact alone that we brought a newborn to the theater
*The fact the I breastfed her multiple times during the movie.
*Probably the biggest 'those people' offense was when I had to rinse out her cloth diaper in the sink... I did use the private room so at least there were no witnesses : )
All in all movie night was a huge success! We are already planning on a sequel. I figure that our window of opportunity to bring Charly along is small and she will let us know loud and clear when it has closed.


hilla said...

Bless those easy going children! They are god sends!

Gretchen said...

don't worry...Kirk and I are THOSE people too. We took Carter to several movies when he was a little newborn. And I breastfeed doesn't even seem weird to me anymore.