Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow Bunny

Yesterday was Charlotte's first ski trip! Jake and I met and fell in love at Bogus and really enjoy winter sports together. It was so nice to share something we love to do with our beautiful daughter. Even though it was just two runs down Coach it felt great to be back on my board. Jake loooooved skiing with his girl and said that she was making her sweet little noises on the way down.

Fun for the whole family!
On our way up...On our way down.
Daddy has been wanting to bring Baby skiing since the day we found out we were pregnant... maybe before!

Charlotte's entourage : )

Our day was filled with family, fun, lots of sunshine, lots of sunscreen and another first with our baby girl!!


Ximena said...

How fun! Too cute! What a beautiful day.

unicornjuggalo said...

Glad you got her up there before the mtn closes for the season

hilla said...

wow! am I just unusually paranoid? That would scare the poo out of me! But it looks like you all enjoyed it! :)
She is adorable!

Auntie Celeste said...

I absolutely loved seeing these pictures!!! How much fun - an outdoor adventure Bolin girl already!!! Glad she got to rock the Sherpa pack with her Mom and Dad...

Love You!!
Auntie Celeste

The Wilkins said...

Oh my gosh so cute ou have a cute little binky baby I LOVE IT!!! Your little family is so great.