Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We are housesitting Jake's P's house while they are away celebrating Cristi's birthday and their 36th wedding anniversary.(Happy Bday and Anniversary btw) We have been really enjoying ourselves.. there is something about being away from our home that feels like a little, in-town, mini vaca of our own. We turned the temp down in their hot tub so that we could bring Charly in with us : )

It was no surprize that she loooved it. Charlotte always enjoys her bathtime and this way Mama and Dadu could both be in playing with her.

Underwater footie photo.

I scored this adorable/reuseable swim diap at Freddies : )

Cowboy has also been enjoying his stay. Everynight before we go to bed I can count on finding here... on John and Cristi's king size bed... just his size : )

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hilla said...

I want to eat her up!