Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crafty little bunny

We had a fantastic "Charlotte's First Easter"! We spent a lovely day in the park with the McCall fam and then enjoyed a nice ham dinner with the Bolins.
Here is a picture of Hunny Bunny in the Easter dress I made her. We had to put long sleeves and pants underneath because you never know what to expect in a Boise spring.
(Mena, if you have any cute pics please email me!)

These last two pics are a little blurry because I took them with my phone. The top one is of the headbands I made for us... matchy but not too matchy-matchy : ) And the bottom is of the rattle toy I made for my girl... very McNugget-esqe but it gets a smile every time!... smiles from Charlotte is what I live for these days!

She must have been wiggling.. my phone cam can't keep up with her : ) Bllluurrr...


Gretchen said...

Tara, you are so creative! I love the dress you made! You are amazing.

Daniel & Abby Stimpson said...

I absolutely adore the pic of you and her :) so sweet it make me want a baby girl. Not that my little men don't totally rock my world but girls are just precious!

Ximena said...

Hi love! Please be patient with me. I will try and erase um- some of the like 15,000 pictures I have on my IPHOTO and then it will allow me to upload the latest and greatest of the Easter weekend. And then I will forward them to you. :)

I just remembered- I think we were supposed to have a dinner date this week? Man, where does the time go? Well, lets do it next week for sure okay. What day works for you? I miss you peeps already.

Charly is so adorable and Laila cannot stop talking about her. She is in love! They are going to be the best of friends I just know it. :)

Anyway- I will talk to you soon and I will try to get those over to you- um ASAP.


hilla said...

Tara! You are unreal!! Freaking Craft Queen! I love it, and it helps that your loyal subject is pretty much the cutest thing on the west side of the mississippi! Etsy shop anyone?! (by anyone, I mean you.)
ps- remember when we talked about having a craft session date? i think that will be more like a craft schooling of me, when it does actually happen. :)