Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Newborn No More

Charlotte is 3 months old!!! (yesterday) This means that she has officially graduated from a newborn status to infant. In celebration of this milestone she decided to outgrow most of her newborn clothing but also decided to not quite fit the 0-3months clothes either. This leaves us in an awkward little inbetwen phase with about 2 outfits that actually fit : ) Not to worry.. I am sure that in a blink of an eye she will stretch again. We are so blessed to have sweet little Charly! It is amazing to watch her change all the time. She is a super smily little girl that loves to makes all sorts of crazy noises and funny faces : 0 She has great control of her noggin' and can roll over when she wants to... otherwise she just kicks and whines about being on her tummy. I love kissing her ever chubbining cheeks and she loves her Mama's kisses : * Mwa!


hilla said...

She is so adorable! How did three months fly by so quickly?!

The Wilkins said...

I cannot believe how fast she has grown I was just there last month!!! She is filling out so great, before you know it she is going to have her chubby chipmunk cheeks! Oh, I love you girls so much.