Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He had his cake and aced his test too

Jake has been working towards his AASI level 3 cert this winter and has been putting a tremendous amount of time and energy into this goal. Level 3 is the highest certification that can be attained with AASI (The American Association of Snowboard Instructors) and Jake got it!! He is now part of a very elite group of instructors. His riding test was at Brundage this weekend (our anniversary weekend) and it was so great because we got to spend it together in McCall. Jake spent his days testing on the mountain while Charlotte and I relaxed at the cabin. Our anniversary dinner was Totinos pizza and a slice of our wedding cake that we had been saving for the occasion. What the frozen pizza lacked in classiness it made up for in tastiness ; ) And the cake was as great as it was a year earlier... so great in fact I have had a slice everyday since! It was a fantastic weekend and I am so proud of my hubby!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Is that a Red Velvet cake? It looks delicious. Our cake was actually really good too on our first anniversary. You have such an adorable family!! Love the blog!!