Thursday, February 19, 2009


Charlotte is outgrowing her preemie clothes! It is amazing... as if it just happened overnight : ) I had a special Valenine's Day outfit picked out for her but when we put it on it seemed a little snug so I put her in a heart-themed, newborn-sized outfit and it fit her great! I boxed up some of her preemie stuff. She has graduated to her newborn wardrobe. The clothes she use to swim in seem crazy tiny already! I am so proud of my growing girl!! I'll post pics of the big girl soon.


Daniel & Abby Stimpson said...

Tara- Your family blog is so adorable and your little one is so very precious :) I love all the photos... I remember when Tanner (my now 6 year old) grew out of the preemie outfits it was exciting and sad all at the same time. They seriously grow up so fast so remember not to blink or you will miss it!

hilla said...

I always felt a little sad everytime I had to box up a set of clothes. Crazy how fast they grow!