Thursday, February 26, 2009

Show and Tell

I love to craft! Here are some of my recent projects that were inspired by the world of creative blogs.

This is an easy little no-sew tutu that I made using ribbon and tulle that were originally gift wrap on a present for Charly. I followed a great tutorial here on YouTube and it was so simple that I litterally started and finished it while nursing Charlotte... TMI???

First off, click to enlarge this picture and look at that adorable baby smile!! I made this little cupcake onesie for my little cupcake using freezer paper and fabric paint. It was super easy and turned out great so I am definatly planning on making more. I found the tutorial here.

This was my version of a birthday card for Jake. Each card has a different reason that I love him. It was more time consuming than I had anticipated but well worth it because he loved it. Here's a link.

Here is a picture of Jake's Valentine's Day present. I wrote our vows on all the sides and put some coupons and candies inside... another hit with my hubby : )
Click here for the template.

It is so much fun to look at other bloggers creative ideas and put my own spin on them. There are so many more projects out there that I am excited to do soon!


hilla said...

Ok friend! Super impressed that you have made time to craft! Well done you! I have totally made those tutus for my girls. They are the best for pics!
Love your Vday presents. Now I'm really going to hold you to our craft night!
Love that smile!

Auntie Celeste said...

OK the pink tutu is just about the cutest damned thing there ever was. James is also very impressed with Charly bird's acrobatic plank abilities. I think she is taking after the sort of fusion I love - stylish, strong, funky, and creative just like her Mom and Dad :) Love you T...missing you all very much

Auntie Celeste

Gretchen said...

wow Tara! You are amazing. I love all your cute crafts. I can tell you are an amazing, loving mom!