Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pretty as a picture

We had such a fun time yesterday with the photographer Jennifer. She was fantastic! She is a very talented photographer as well as a nurse at the NICU so we felt very comfortable with her handling our precious girl. We will be getting a disk with a bunch of pictures soon but until then you can see some of these great pics on Jennifer's blog. 
You will see that in most of the shots Charlotte is a nudey girl and that gave us some hilarious moments not suitable for film : ) Charly pooped on a couple of blankets/props and on her Dad! She also peed all over Daddy.. ha ha! He was great about it though. (he is basically great about everything) Smiled through it all. The photo session was an amazing experience and the pictures I have seen so far are beautiful! Best birthday present ever!! Thanks Mom and Dad. 


hilla said...

I just told you on FB, but I'll tell you again- those truly were amazing! Those will be so priceless her entire life. Did you do the pics at your house? She is so itty bitty!

Gretchen said...

Those pictures are adorable! They turned out so cute. Tara, you are a BEAUTIFUL mom!

the mccalls said...

holla! Those are super cool man, you guys are way cute! We love you dudes, be solid
doh boy