Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Bottom

I had always planned on cloth diapering Charlotte but once she arrived life seemed too hectic, she seemed too tiny, blah, blah, blah, I had plenty of excuses. I finally threw those excuses out the window and started to cloth diaper my babe. I am super excited and am feeling proud of the switch! I am very fortunate because I was given an easy start from my girlfriend Carrie, she paid for a whole month of diaper service for us! WoW! Nature's Own Diaper Service is a local company and is very convenient! We are allotted 80 cloth diapers per week and a nice diaper pail with a scent disk. They pick up the dirty ones and deliver freshies every week. We will defiantly continue with the cloth diapers but I think that I will buy a stash of our own and start laundering them myself eventually. Nature's Own charges $17/week which I think is pretty reasonable... I'm not sure how this compares to buying disposables so any mama's who read this please let me know what you think! Charlotte's bottom has never been happier : ) Thanks a million Carrie!


hilla said...
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hilla said...

Within the first three months, one typically goes through a package of 40 disposables per week, and they cost $15-20 depending on the brand. So right now you are busting even- mazel tov!
However, diaper changes slow down substantially after the first 3 months, so maybe a package every two weeks? If Nature is still charging you 17 per week regardless of how many you use, it may end up being more expensive. But you are saving the environment, well done you! I have a phobia of washing poopies in my machine- let me know how that goes.
HAve you tried the bum geniuses yet? Didn't Stephanie buy you some? You are my hero.