Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

This weekend we celebrated Jake's 26th! A bunch of family and friends gathered at Jake's parents house for good food, good times, great company! Jake is the most amazing man and it was really nice to celebrate him with such a special group of people! Here are a couple of pics from the Saturday night.

The birthday boy and his baby. Posin' with Auntie Celeste.

His "girls" as he calls us : ) And the whole Bolin Bunch.

Big thanks to all of you that made this such a wonderful night!
Love you,


Ximena said...

Too cute! You look great Tara! Miss you guys terribly. Let us know when we can come by to hold that little one. Love you guys!

hilla said...

That is sweet. Happy BDay to your hubs. That cake looked delish! I still need to hear all about your labor story before you forget all the details woman! FB me or something!