Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Preparations

  Taking her car seat test... sooo little : ) 
    Not so happy about the hearing test.

Before being released from the NICU all preemies have to pass a couple of tests. The car seat test which ensures that their oxygen levels remain high enough while sitting in the new position and a simple hearing test. Charlotte had to do her car seat test twice but passed and passed the hearing screen with flying colors on the first try, soooo.... she was discharged!! CHARLOTTE IS HOME : ) We have enjoyed the weekend at home with our baby girl. *sigh* Life is good!! More updates soon. 


unicornjuggalo said...

glad she made it home. congrats dudes

hilla said...

Huge sigh of relief! So glad she's in your happy home now!

Grandmama said...

Hey, I'm use to listening to my sweet Mama's voice singing Rocky Raccoon to me. What's this? Maybe try my playlist Daddy updated for me on my blog, or just hand me the dial and I'll choose
ahhh, where the music is always sweeter and love is everywhere