Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Latest

Sorry for my lack of updates lately! ... yes, Charlotte has been keeping me busy but the real reason is that my computer is on the fritz.  Jake leaves me with his everyday but it's a Mac and I am just so unfamiliar with it! Here is the latest:
  • Charlotte is doing wonderfully at home! At her last doctor's appointment she weighed in at a whopping 5lbs4oz, so she is gaining! Woo-hoo!! 
  • Her umbilical cord finally fell out so she had her first real bath and seemed to like it.
  • We got Charlotte a baby swing and she looooves it : ) 
  • She has had lots of special visitors come to see her at home. Gramma and Grandpa, Papa and Grandmama, Gramma-Great and Grandpa-Great, Aunt Diane, Ryan, Adri, Daniel, Ximena and Laila. Ando, all the way from Hungary! Steph, Josie, Texie and Billy F. Gibbons from ZZ Top... Rock On!!            
I will post pics once I have been reunited with my PC : )                                  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!

She liked her first walk so much that we did it again the next morning 

Charlotte's first walk around the block. 

After 16 long days in the NICU Charlotte was finally discharged.  Our strong, tiny girl is home with us and doing great! Her doggies are happy to have us all home too! Big thanks to both sets of grandparents for taking such good care of Cowboy and Lily while Jake and I were at the hospital with sweet Charly (Pronounced like Charlotte/Charly, not like Charlie/Charlie Brown) We were able to stay all 16 nights at the hospital, between guest quarters and special parent rooms in the NICU. The NICU staff was amazing! We are so very thankful for everyone that helped our baby get strong enough to come home with us and for all the support we received from friends and family that helped Jake and I stay strong : ) We love you all!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Preparations

  Taking her car seat test... sooo little : ) 
    Not so happy about the hearing test.

Before being released from the NICU all preemies have to pass a couple of tests. The car seat test which ensures that their oxygen levels remain high enough while sitting in the new position and a simple hearing test. Charlotte had to do her car seat test twice but passed and passed the hearing screen with flying colors on the first try, soooo.... she was discharged!! CHARLOTTE IS HOME : ) We have enjoyed the weekend at home with our baby girl. *sigh* Life is good!! More updates soon. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Company : )

4 Generations in one photo : )

Grampa-Great's sweater is sooo soft!

I love you Gramma-Great! Keep talkin' to me : )

Charlotte finally got to meet her Gramma-Great and Grampa-Great... it was great : ) Grampa-Great wore a super soft cashmere sweater and she liked the feel of it while he held her. Charlotte also really liked the sound of Gramma-Great's voice! It was a long time coming but well worth the wait. Thanks guys! We love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Charlotte be jammin'

So Daddy got a chance to update Charlotte's playlist... A little background; When Mom and I were hanging at the house Charlotte listened to a lot of Toots and Bob Marley from inside the tummy. Tara has been singing the Beatles to Charlotte almost everyday now, Rocky Racoon seems to be both Tara and Charlotte's favorite. Rosa Parks, well, Charlotte is just a little pot stirer and likes to mix things up, and the song says 'hush your fuss' or at least thats what we think it says.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Great News!!!!!!
This morning Charlotte got rid of her NG tube. Thats right, the little (soon to be big) girl is feeding well enough that we don't need it anymore. Sounds like we are going to get to sleep next to her tonight and the Dr's are asking if we will bring our car-seat in for a test. If you put all of this together, add a little luck, we should be home sometime this week. We are so grateful for all of the love and support we have received through these past days.

Love you all,

Jake, Tara, and Charlotte

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lucky Ladies

Jake is amazing! He is already the best Daddy and still the greatest hubby. Jake has been doing an unbelievable job balancing his new family and his other responsibilities. Jake takes care of us girls, manages to work at both Bogus Basin and Bolin Guitars and even sneeks in trips home to launder Charlotte's many blankies and keep up with the mail. I am constantly amazed by how he interacts with his daughter. She loves him so much and always calms to his voice. He has mastered the skills of one handed diaper changes, swaddling Charlotte like a little burrito and just being all around fantastic with his baby girl. I love to just watch them together : ) Thanks Jakey! You never stop impressing me. I love you!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Get it Girl!

i make milk Pictures, Images and Photos

Great News!! Charlotte has really started to get the hang of breast feeding! The hospital "strongly encouraged" that we feed her using a bottle so that they could get an accurate measuremant but Jake and I both wanted to be sure that she was boob baby before getting a bottle. We have been doing a combination of breast feeding and tube feeding to insure that she gets the volume she needs without nipple confusion. If she keeps up the good work we should be able to ditch the NG tube (literally meaning naso-gastic, or nose to tummy) pretty soon! We will definatly use bottles at home, maybe sooner now that we have learned the art of breast feeding. Here is a picture with Charlotte and her feeding tube. It really isn't as intimidating as it looks and she truly doesn't even seem to notice. What an angel!


Having Charlotte in the NICU has been very challanging for a lot of people. Thank you all for being so patient as our little angel gets strong enough to come home and meet everyone. Lately we've been having Charlotte's family come in one at a time, one day at a time to get to know this amazing new girl in their life. Here are some pictures of these special times. Still looking forward to meeting Auntie Celeste who is flying home in February (around Charlotte's original due date) from Paris. Love you all!
If you would like to see the picture larger just click on it : )

Proud Gramma just glowing!

Jake, John and Charlotte enjoying the morning together

Good job Gramps!

Grandmama is all smiles with her new grandbaby.

Uncle Rywee (thanks Laila) lovin' on his neice.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Charlotte's Lullaby

Every baby loves lullabies and Charlotte is no exception, her taste however is exceptional : ) Here is a special song for our pretty young thing : ) Love Mama and Daddy

Turn on your volume and listen to the lyrics... we think it is perfect for her!

Michael Jackson

Pretty Young Thing (PYT baby)

"I Want To Love You (P.Y.T.)Pretty Young Thing

You Need Some Lovin' (T.L.C.)Tender Lovin' Care

And I'll Take You There Girl"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tired Parents & a Sun Bathing Beauty

Okay... so here is the start of our blog. It is a bit of a jumble right now but I will be updating often with pictures of Charlotte, updates on her progress, treatments, ect. Thank you all for loving us! We are so looking forward to Charlotte's homecoming (not sure when yet) and to introducing our little one to those who are lovin' her already : )

Mommy and Daddy trying to keep their eyes open for just a minute longer : )
Charlotte got to come off of the light therapy today. Yipee! Baby girl is doing very well!!

More Pictures

Beautiful Baby

Proud Daddy!

These are some of Charlotte's forst moments with us. Her IV is out now.... woo-hoo!

Mama and Charlotte learning about breakfast.

Daddy and Charlotte ringing in the New Year.

More pics of beautiful Charlotte

I am new to the world of blogging so please be patient with me as I learn the best ways to post pictures, label them, ect. Any advice from you bloggers out there is super appreciated! Here we go...

Proud new Mama.
Brand new to the world, holding Daddy's finger.

Welcome Baby Charlotte

Pretty little Charlotte decided that she didn't want to wait to see the world a minute longer : ) She arrived December 30th at 11:20pm at just 34 weeks. She was a healthy 5.0lbs and 19 inches long. Because she is so early (6 weeks) a team from the NICU was in the delivery room to give her any assistance she needed. She made us so proud from the second she took her first breath and continues to impress us. We have been with her in the NICU since she was born and she is growing stronger and more beautiful everyday! We don't bring in many guests to see her because it is so important that she use her energy to sleep, grow and eat... and you can add poop to that list now too... yay Charlotte : ) I know there are so many of you that already love this little girl even though you haven't got to meet her yet so I started this blog as a way to keep you all updated on her progress. We love you all and thank you so much for your well wishes and positive thoughts.

Jake, Tara & impatient little Charlotte : )