Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday Birdie

Thank you so much for being you and for being mine : ) You are an amazing little person and I am honored to be your Mommy. At ONE year you are: walking like a rock star, talking... words we have heard from your precious lips include Mama (my fav!), Da, Ry Ry, Ya Ya, Hi, Up and Ba-Boo (while playing a fierce game of peek-a-boo). You also talk with your hands.. some signs you know are more, eat, doggie, up, boob, all-done and bath. I am sure there are more that I have not yet de-coded also : ) You have a curious personality and point to things you want an explanation for. Your facial expressions seem limitless and you are able to get any point across with a simple look. You weigh in at at a whopping 18 pounds. You nap like a big girl in crib but prefer to be in our bed at night (I secretly prefer it too but we are working on a change). You like books and music and bust out the cutest little bootie bounce when the beat catches you just right. To offer you a binky is to truly insult you so we've packed em up. I appreciate that you are an adventurous eater. Some of your favorite foods are black beans, quinoa, Cheerios and blueberries. You still nurse and I hope that you will for the next 6 months but you are the boss so we'll see how much longer you choose to "boob". You love bath time and climbing the stairs. You are a pretty tough little lady and rough house with Daddy often. You are good to your doggies and pet them softly when you catch them. You have always enjoyed the outdoors and you get excited whenever we open the front door. Thank goodness you cuddle! Nobody can make you laugh like your Daddy can and your giggle is infectious. YOU. ARE. FUNNY! You make strangers smile everywhere we go : ) You are determined and strong willed and BEAUTIFUL... sooo beautiful! Charly, you are special and truly amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!


you are my world : )


Friday, December 25, 2009


The Bolin Three

Friday, December 11, 2009

Funny Girl

I have always known that Charlotte was a funny girl and now she is starting to be able to express her humor even more : )

She knows that phones go up to your ear (and apparently sometimes in your mouth) and gets the cutest expression when she does this and I say "Hello?". Now she thinks it is extremely funny to put random objects up to her ear and do the same thing : ) Hellooo?!! She'll giggle when she has a sippy cup or toy up to her face. I can just tell how pleased she is with herself for being so clever.

Here is a video of Charly playing peek-a-boo with her Daddy. (sorry it's sideways!) She loooves peek-a-boo and is always up for a game. It amazes me that she knows just the right amount of time to wait before the big reveal and I wonder what she's thinking while she waits! The other day while I was in the shower she popped her head around the corner and and said "Bah-Boo"... so cute!

She also gets a kick out of offering people her binky or feeding them her food : ) It's usually just Mama or Dadu that she can talk into actually taking a bite of the slobbery, mangled mess that she has in her extended fist.

The other day we were playing in her room and she pulled down her hamper (it's round and canvas) and crawled inside burrowing into the clothes (they were clean and waiting to be put away). I was cracking up! All I could see were her little legs wiggling around and the hamper started rolling back and forth... ahhh* I love my funny girl!

Thanks for the laughs Sweetie!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year : )

Friday, December 4, 2009


Jake and I tried our new and improved night night routine with Charlotte tonight. After dinner and a bath we went upstairs for some quiet time in her room. She gabbed, crawled, stood, played with soft toys and read Goodnight Moon about five times and when we noticed her sleepy signals Dadu held her tight and rocked her to sleep. I sat in awe... my eyes filled with tears but not because I was sad.. the moment with the two of them like that just overwhelmed me and I knew I wanted to remember it FOREVER. I quietly grabbed my phone and captured just 15 sweet seconds of my favorite time of the day. Our wonderful little Charly will be a year old at the end of the month and I truly cannot believe it! This year has been the most fulfilled but the fastest of my life. I get emotional thinking about how fast she is growing but I know that with every new day she'll show me how amazing she is and I'll just keep falling more and more in love with her (as if that even seems possible). I cherish you Baby Charlotte... and you too Jake : )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks.

I have soooo much to be thankful for this year! (and every other year) I am thankful for my husband and my beautiful daughter. They are my world! I am thankful that we are all in good health and have a roof over our heads. A nice new roof I might add ; ) I am thankful for all my family and all that they do for us. I am thankful for having the best bestie a girl could hope for : ) Being a parent totally changes the game... things I rarely thought about before are what I am most thankful for now. I am thankful to be alive! I get to wake up every morning next to my best friend and to our daughter's sweet smile!! It may be kinda funny but it feels good to acknowledge these great things in my world and write out how thankful I am for all of life's blessings. I should really think about doing this more than just once a year : )
Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some of pictures of Charly Bird enjoying her new home:

Toy box!

Unpacking my bathroom : )

She loves this spatula and drags it all over the house.

Napping in the LoveSac.

"Helping" Mama with the dishes ; )

Trying to shake down that baby gate at the top of the stairs.

Here is a shot of her helping unpack her room... when I saw the ear protectors I just couldn't resist.

A yummy spaghetti dinner which led to her all time favorite...

Bath time : )

Thanks for reading and gobble gobble.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new.

Sweet Crooked Old House,
We will miss your clawfoot tub, your historic location, your stained glass window and your cute red door. We will not miss your hundred year old foundation, drafty windows or spiders. You will always be the house we brought our sweet tiny Charlotte home to and for that you will hold a special place in our hearts forever!

Dearest Dreamhouse,

I can't believe you are ours!! We look forward to getting to know you and making many happy memories within your walls. And don't worry, we'll paint your door red soon : )

And as for the inbetween time spent at Mom and Dad's... thank you both sooo much for letting us take over your house and your garage for the last couple weeks! It was such a help and I know Charlotte loved all the extra time you guys : ) And thanks Jake for everything!....


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Be on the look out for...

The tiny streaker!
Last seen streaking through her grandparents living room.
Witnesses say she was pushing a little green cart and has the sweetest little smile they had ever seen.
She is not believed to be dangerous however the carpet is at risk of a mess.
If you happen to see the tiny streaker authorities ask that you do not try to clothe her : )

I took this video weeks ago and am so happy that I was finally able to post it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Top Ten

Charlotte is 10 months old today. (WoW!!) In honor of her tenth month I decided to write down 10 great things Charlotte does that make me smile. Almost everything she does makes me smile but I will limit myself to 10... this time ; )

#10. Waves at almost everybody she sees.
#9. Smiles everytime she sees a camera.
#8. Tries to grab water when I pour it for her during bathtime.
#7. Climbs the headboard.
#6. Plays nice with her doggies.
#5. Sucks air in and makes a noise that sounds like a creaky door.
#4. Opens her mouth to catch the wind when it blows in her face.
#3. Wakes up every morning happy.
#2. Cuddles!
# 1.Loves her Mama and Dadu.

~~~After I posted this Charlotte gave me the ultimate #1 great thing to smile about! She looked me right in the eyes, toddled toward me (hanging onto the couch) and said "mom-mom-mom-mom-mom" :* ) Truly the sweetest words I have EVER heard!~~~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloweens Past

I looove Halloween and am so excited for Charlotte's first.
Last year we threw a costume party/baby shower on Halloween that was a great time! Jake and I dressed up as Juno and Bleeker : )

We tried to incorporate Baby Charlotte in any way that we could : )

This is a couple of years earlier in Missoula...

Dr. Suess's Thing 1

and Thing 2

I am still working on this year's costumes but here's a hint:

It's going to be WILD!

Friday, October 16, 2009

We told Charlotte the good news...

And she is EXCITED! So excited that we thought a new onesie and a photoshoot were in order : ) Auntie Celeste is coming home!!
The onesie was the easy part... the photoshoot on the other hand...

not so easy.

Charlotte is a very busy little girl and nothing is going to slow her down.

Not even Mama saying "pretty please Charly... look here!"

But she sure is cute!

And I actually managed to get said onesie into a picture : )

We love you Celeste and are sooo happy that you will be home soon!

Breaking News: I just heard that my cousin Ando and his family are relocating to Boise too! They have two young sons, one of which is only 2 weeks age difference from Charlotte. I am sooo looking forward to the little cousin posse: Laila, Mate, Charlotte, Timo and Eisley... let the wild rumpus start!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charlotte says...

Charlotte has really started to Dadadada, Mamamama, gagagaga, bababaa... ect : ) It is so fun to hear all of her new noises! We have also started signing with her and she has mastered "more" and "boob"... Too funny : ) We've got one smart lil' cookie on our hands!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barbie's Dream House

I was never big on Barbie growing up but who doesn't love a dream house?! : )

Jake and I are having a home built and are so excited! this home gives us space to grow as a family and it is in a beautiful community with a nice park, sidewalk system, playground and even pool! I will upload more pictures soon. It has been fun to watch the evolution of the property. Sooo many changes every week! Our home will be finished by November 2nd and we'll be in no later than the 18th. It will be wonderful to celebrate Charly's first Christmas and first birthday in our new home!

edit: We drove by last night and saw this!! The siding is up, (still needs to be painted) plumbing and electrical done and it there are stacks of drywall just waiting to be put in place : ) Wa-hoooie!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tales from the Crib

After almost 9 blissful but crowded months of co-sleeping I have decided to start Charlotte's transition to the crib. She is doing pretty well so far! I nurse her to sleep in the rocker in her nursery and then try to sneeeeek her into the crib... the visual on this has got to be hilarious: all 5'2 of me cradles the baby and tip toes across the creaky wood floors to her crib where I then lift her over the front of the crib and fold myself myself in half while trying to rest her on the mattress. The next step is to slip my arm from underneath her head, kiss her cheek, cross my fingers, hold my breath and tiptoe out the door. She sleeps her first little stint very well in the crib and when she wakes up in the the middle of the night I kinda mummy-walk to her room and then bring her back to bed with me... funny enough, that's the only part I want to change (for now). My goal is to get her to sleep all night in her own room... the first couple of nights I may be in there too, sleeping on those creaky wood floors : )

Edit note: It went great!! Charlotte slept in her crib all night and only woke up twice. At 6:30am we went to the big comfy bed together and slept in until 8am. That's a happy Sunday!