Friday, February 3, 2017

As I steer myself away from social media I still seek an outlet. A little quieter space to land and write and reflect about our happenings. Facebook and Instagram have become too cluttered for me. I joke that I am not yet responsible enough for social media. It falls into an all or nothing void and I truly prefer my days to have nothing to do with it rather than all to do with it, if that makes sense.
This blog is more than 8 years old and has seen all sorts of lives already; it started as place to update family on Charlotte's NICU stay, morphed into a family journal and has since become a space to check in, leave photos and maybe update here and there. I intend to come back around to this space. I love the imprint it leaves; the years of reflections I can look back on and even print out if I get around to it. Here's to the rebirth of the family journal. To redirecting my time spent online and using it for something that lights me up rather than dulls me down. Here is to my family and for my family. Here is to 2017. Infinity and beyooound ; )
I think I'll start by uploading our holiday card and letter because it does a lovely job of recapping some of the highlights from 2016.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer vaca for the books

Yowzer. More than year, huh?
Welp. I'm sure to miss some details but it's been a wonderful year. Charlotte started 2nd grade at a charter school we've been hoping to get the kids in and Hazel is in morning Kindergarten at the neighborhood school. They should be at the same school this time next... and maybe I'll even blog a bit in the meantime. Summer vacation rocked. The girls were on the swim club's swim team prep class; The Narwahls. They did so amazing and at the end of the month long session I saw some competitive spirit in each of them at the mock up meet. Charlotte got "the rocket" award for pushing off the wall like a rocket and Hazel got "most fashionable" for showing up to lessons wearing nothing but her swimsuit and sliver Cowgirl boots.
Hmmm. What else? Freakin' DISNEYLAND is what else. We had always said we'd bring the girls when they were 5 and 7 years old; man... that happened fast. Jake drove us there in The Mallard and it (and he) did great. We made it down in just a couple days and stayed in an RV Park about a mile from Disney. It was actually really great. Very comfortable, filled with families going to Disney :) We did Disneyland two days in a row and it was so rad. Upon entering the gates on day 1 Jake and I were both a bit moved. He said the hair on arms stood up and I teared up pretty good. I am so grateful for this life we get to live and for the time and experiences we have with our girls. Disney was Disney... all pretty magical in all sincerity. We learned that Charlotte really likes roller coasters and Hazel does not. After day one Jake asked her what it would take to talk her into riding The Matterhorn. Without missing a beat the kid replied, "a pony". Haha. Smart little shit. We joked about writing a chronicle of books from the vacation; the first was titled; Mermaids Fall From the Sky because poor Haze slipped out of the top bunk while sleeping the first night in her mermaid tail blanket. THUNK. I'm not sure I've ever sprung out of bed faster and if I have it was likely due to similar circumstances.
After two days at Disneyland we went to Universal Studios for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Maybe it was because we were all already whooped but it definitely didn't have the same magical vibe as we experienced at Disney. Don't get me wrong, it was cool... it just felt more like a money pit than anything else. The Minion water park was the saving grace on the way out. The Minion simulator ride has Hazel sobbing in my lap and Charlotte stoked and me a little nauseous.
We had so much fun that we a tentatively planning to go back every five years... when the girls are 10/12. 15/17, 20/22... basically for as long as they'll allow it.
One of my favorite nights was on the way home we stopped at camp ground in California and did the camping thing. Campfire, s'mores, bike rides, walks... so dreamy.
Jake took the rest of the month of August off and we seriously just hung out. So nice. "We" got some more work done on the house and it is looking so cute these days! Quirky shelves up in the kitchen, roman shades in the living room/dining room/office (all in the same)and a new couch and chair. I love this space. The other day as I was pulling away from our home to buzz and get some groceries a feeling of gratitude swept over me and as I  gazed at our crooked little cottage I just smiled like idiot.
Girls, when and if you read this someday. Thank you. Thank you so much for filling my life with som much happiness. Thanks to you too, Jake.
 I'll try to follow up by uploading some current pictures from my phone soon.
Love you all,

Friday, August 21, 2015

School kid

Wow! Charlotte starts 1st grade on Monday.... What?! Seriously, where is time going so quickly? I've always heard that in parenting the days go slow but the years pass fast. Ain't that the truth. I've been meaning to post her Kindergarten graduation pics for months it seems... 

Charlotte was an amazing kindergartner. We opted for full day class and while I was hesitant about it first she flourished. Just like she does in everything. Her first month in school she was awarded citizen of the month. Miss Cain adored her and vise versa, her writing is wonderful, she actually likes math and of course art and she'd tell that her favorite part of school was recess. 
Here's to a new year at a new school! Look out world... Charlotte is in 1st grade!! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oregon Coast

What an amazing vacation we've had! It's been filled with little hikes, longs walks on lots of different beaches, more cooking in than eating out and just good family fun. We made it to the Newport Aqauarium on the only rainy day of the week. The weather has been incredible. Today we flew a Tinkerbell kite on the beach for hours. Jake has daydreamed of exactly that (maybe not specifically Tinkerbell) for as many years as I can remember; flying kites with his family on the beach.
I started a collection of rocks that have been naturally shaped into hearts and enjoyed combing the beaches looking for additions daily. We. Ate. Junkfood. We snuggled and laughed and swam and played and just enjoyed eachother. 
It was a pretty magical week spent together and nice time to reflect on how truly blessed we are.

Sunday, July 5, 2015